February 17 - 19, 2012
Topeka, Kansas
Come and experience the arts as a gift FROM God and a gift back TO God
Brian Williams - Theologian-in-Residence - First Presbyterian Church
email:  brikimcpls@sbcglobal​.net

Cheryl Galan - Associate Pastor for the Arts, First Presbyterian Church
email: cgalan@fpctopeka.org

Rev. V. Gordon Glenn III - Pastor - St. John AME
email: rev_glenn@yahoo.com

Kathy Slawson - Lay Volunteer - Grace Episcopal Cathedral
email: mkatryn@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Bruce L. Emmert, Sr. Pastor - First United Methodist Church
email: bemmert@fumctopeka.org

Bob Swain - Catholic Fine Arts Council member -Assumption Church Mater Dei Parish
email: bobswain@cox.net